They should make… a new series of Donruss hockey

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NHLTHEY SHOULD MAKE THAT INTO A HOCKEY CARD • Just last week, we preached (again) for the return of Parkhurst hockey cards. This week, we’re giving a shout out for the return of Donruss hockey cards, even though it has only been three years since the product’s last release.

Our wish, though, isn’t necessarily for a return of 2010-like (or even 1993-like) Donruss hockey cards. No, our wish would have to be for a modern mix of 1984-like / 2014-like Donruss baseball cards.

Just last week, Panini America confirmed the return of Donruss baseball cards (“A Legend Returns”) in late February 2014. The new 2014 edition promises Diamond Kings, Rated Rookies and (from the 1990s) Elite Series and Studio.

While Donruss hockey cards made its hobby debut in 1993-94 and lasted just five years (not counting an abandoned 1998-99 edition), Donruss baseball cards made a triumphant Major League Baseball debut in 1981, breaking the long-standing baseball card monopoly held by Topps Company. Both Donruss and Fleer entered the market that year.

The Diamond Kings subset debuted in 1982 while the Rated Rookies subset debuted in 1984. Elite Series inserts debuted in 1991 Donruss while the unique Studio brand also debuted in 1991.

In 1993-94, the first Donruss hockey card series included Ice Kings, a hockey version of the Diamond Kings subset. The series also included Rated Rookies and Elite Series cards as insert sets.

Had it been produced, the 1998-99 edition of Donruss hockey cards would have included Rated Rookies, Elite Series and “Rink Kings” (instead of Ice Kings). The series would have also included Press Proofs, Line Items and Crusade inserts.

While Donruss hockey cards were produced as recently as 2010-11, Donruss baseball cards were last produced in 2005. The new 2014 Donruss baseball series will also feature popular 1990s-names like Dominators, Press Proof, Stat Line and Recollection Collection.

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