SP Authentic hockey cards scheduled for April 2014 release

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NHLThe next edition of SP Authentic hockey cards will be available in April 2014 with the promise of three signature cards in every 20-pack box. The annual Upper Deck Company brand, a hobby collecting tradition since 1997-98, is now in its 17th consecutive season.

With four less packs per hobby box (20 packs instead of 24) and still three autograph cards in every box, collectors will be treated to a slightly better ratio of autographs per packs purchased. Like last year, one of the three autographs will be an autographed Future Watch rookie card.

Collectors will also pull two unsigned Future Watch rookie cards, five or more Authentic Moments, and five or more ’93-94 SP Retro cards. Of course, if they are lucky, they may pull an autographed patch card or a multi-player Sign of the Times autograph card.

While last year’s SP Authentic series featured a tribute to the 1994-95 SP hockey series, this year’s series features a tribute to the original 1993-94 SP hockey series. The 2013-14 SP Authentic series includes SP Retro cards, SP Retro Silver Skates, SP Retro Premier Prospects, and SP Retro autographs.

While the “SP” series was first introduced in 1993 (baseball) and 1993-94 (as an insert in Upper Deck hockey), the converted SP Authentic series was introduced in 1997 (football) and 1997-98 (basketball and hockey). The Sign of the Times autograph insert has been a staple in the SP Authentic series since day one.

It has been a few years since SP Authentic hockey cards have been released as early as April in the hockey season (just as the playoffs begin). Last year’s 2012-13 edition was released in June 2013 while the previous 2011-12 edition was released in July 2012. Three years ago, the 2010-11 SP Authentic series was released in April 2011.

2012-13 SP Authentic

2009-10 SP Authentic

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