Rookies, where are the rookies?

Posted on 12th December 2010 by hockeymedia in Cards,Rookies,The Blog,The Want List | Tags:

We’re just putting together the final touches on The Want List issue #7. As part of the content, we’ve done a First Impressions review of six new packs of hockey cards: Certified, Donruss, Score, Upper Deck, Upper Deck Artifacts and Upper Deck Black Diamond. The packs range in price from $1 for Score to $10 for Certified or Upper Deck Artifacts.

We didn’t pull any limited rookie cards, no Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin or Jeff Skinner. Maybe that’s the norm in our industry now – rookie cards are supposed to be tough to pull so they carry value in the secondary market. That’s OK, I guess it’s hit or miss.

If rookie cards are supposed to be so darn valuable, though, shouldn’t I be treated to at least a rookie or two in my collection of packs. I’m not talking about valuable rookie cards, but maybe a sub series of rookie stars. I’m suggesting that a product can have a Hall rookie card (tough to pull) AND a Hall rookie insert or subset card that is easy to pull. Give me a one-per-pack special card that highlights the top-20 players and 10 rookies in the NHL. Give me something that peaks my interest in the game’s future stars.