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We all love the hobby. We love the hobby stores, the hobby shows, the hobby promotions, and especially the hobby-exclusive products with all the (game-used and autographed) riches a collector can imagine.

Well, that shouldn’t stop you from buying a pack or two at a big retail chain like Wal-mart every once in awhile, especially while you are doing your Christmas shopping in the coming weeks. Case in point: a rack pack of 2011-12 Score hockey. Unlike your regular (hobby) that may include a handful of cards, the 2011-12 Score rack pack includes 52 cards. If you buy just a couple of packs, you are on your way with more than 100 cards towards the 2011-12 series.

In truth, our rack pack of 2011-12 Score included four parallel “Glossy” cards and one basic insert card. There were also a couple of rookie cards (these cards feature a different design and are numbered 501 or higher). From the 500-card (veterans) shell set, we counted 45 cards.

A year after the Score brand was re-introduced with a “retro” 1990-91 look, the 2011-12 series created its own modern-day Score design. The white design may instantly call back to designs used from 1993-94 to 1997-98, but in truth the 2011-12 design has its own unique look. It is a clean and colourful design, with a sizeable and unobstructed photo on the card front and year-by-year statistics (with a short player story) on the card back. Plus, the cards are printed on a nice, sturdy stock, which may not have always been the case with some of those old cards from the 1990s.

As it was last year, the base series checklist is organized team-by-team, so when you organized your cards by number, the first team will be followed by the second team and so on through all 30 teams. In front of the team-by-team sequence is the “Season Highlight” subset; at the end behind the last team is the “Stanley Cup Playoffs Highlight” subset.

Of note, we especially like the “Stanley Cup Champions” logo added to the Boston Bruins player cards. Plus, Score card manufacturer Panini America earns high marks for including Winnipeg Jets photos from the (pre- and) early season.

While retail packs are primarily sold at big retail chains like Wal-Mart (for Score, the packs are technically called “Value Packs”), they can sometimes be found at hobby shops, too. Then again, after suffering through the Christmas lines to buy the annual Christmas socks, tie and a sweater, there is no harm done in adding a pack of hockey cards to your shopping list.

BY THE PACK: 1 value pack of 2011-12 Score

• 45 cards from the 500-card base set
• 2 Hot Rookies
• 4 parallel cards (Glossy)
• 1 basic insert card (Making an Entrance)

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