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One week after opening our first (value) rack pack of 2011-12 Score, we are back with 11 so-called standard packs for week two of our review. This time, we handed the mini box of packs to our younger generation: a soon-to-be 11-year old hockey fan and player.

Now, funny enough, as we stood in the line to purchase the mini box ($11.99 for 11 packs of 7 cards per pack), this novice collector wanted something else to go along with his box of hockey cards: a pack of gum. I suppose times haven’t changed completely: when I was a novice collector 25 years ago, I wanted the gum, too. Those days, of course, the gum was included with the cards, so there was no need to purchase it separately.

For a young collector, Score provides a fun, yet challenging pursuit. With 500 cards in the base series, he will have to purchase a few of these mini boxes to complete his set (with a few packs of gum along the way). As it always has been, Score is also designed as an affordable product for any young fan to collect.

Over 11 packs, a little better than 10% of the base series is completed. Every seven-card pack includes five base cards and two extras. One of the “extra” cards is a Glossy parallel: on first glance, the young collector may not see the difference, but the card back is marked “Glossy” above and below the card number.

The other “extra” is either a Hot Rookies rookie card (an extension to the base series from cards 501 and up) or a basic insert set. Our mini box of 11 packs included six rookies and five basic inserts (from five different insert series).

Of course, for a young hockey fan, the real “hits” in these packs are his favourite hockey players. Roberto Luongo, Jonathan Toews and Ryan Kesler were the first three names he rhymed off as “best” cards in the box. Unfortunately, he didn’t get Steven Stamkos, otherwise he would have been at the top of the list.

Maybe next week, we’ll get the card that he wants.

BY THE PACK: 11 packs of 2011-12 Score

• 55 cards from the 500-card base set
• 6 Hot Rookies
• 11 parallel cards (Glossy)
• 5 basic insert cards (First Goal, Making an Entrance, Net Cam, Playoff Heroes, Supreme Team)

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