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Pleasantly surprised: that was the first reaction upon opening packs of this year’s Victory hockey cards. There is a good mix of player photos that go along with a colourful card front design. Before you know it, you will be quickly putting together the 200-card set along with some of the subsets and inserts.

Victory was again the first hockey card set out of the gate this 2011-12 season. Now in its 12th season as a collecting brand produced by the Upper Deck Co., Victory hockey hit the shelf in early August. It actually hit the market before the last two sets from 2010-11 were released (the much, much higher-priced Dominion and The Cup).

At roughly a buck-and-change per pack, collectors will find four or five colourful base cards in every six-card pack. A 36-card box will deliver roughly 80% of your series.

As for the mix of photos, there are often two or three jersey designs per team featured on the player cards. As an example, the Blue Jackets are featured in either their blue, white or baby blue 10th anniversary gear.

Beyond the 200-card base set, the series continues with 50 rookies (cards 201-250). As this series was produced before the start of the new NHL season, all Rookies feature rookies from the 2010-11 season (players who made their NHL debut between February and June 2011).

Included again this year is the brand-within-a-brand concept: boxes of Victory not only include the 2011-12 Victory cards, but also the 2011-12 Upper Deck MVP cards. You will find 18 of these Upper Deck MVP cards in each box. There are 100 such Upper Deck MVP cards to collect.

At last, there are two other inserts in this series, the perennial favourites Game Breakers and Stars of the Game.

BY THE BOX: 36 packs of 2011-12 Victory

• 161 cards from the 200-card shell set
• 18 cards from the 50-card Rookies subset
• 18 Upper Deck MVP cards (16 veterans and two rookies)
• 10 Game Breakers
• 9 Stars of the Game

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