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NHLThe new edition of Upper Deck Ice hockey cards will be available in March. The new 2014-15 series will be sold as a stand-alone brand instead of a bonus brand-within-a-brand as it had been in recent years.

The 2014-15 series will be sold in three-card packs, with eight packs in every box. Last year, packs of Upper Deck Ice were included in 2013-14 Upper Deck Black Diamond.

Product highlights include a 210-card acetate base set which includes veterans, legends, World Junior stars, and Ice Premieres rookie cards.

This marks the 13th edition of the Upper Deck Ice hockey series. Previous editions were released in 1996-97, 1997-98, 2000-01, 2003-04, 2005-06, and every year since 2007-08. The Upper Deck Ice brand name and acetate technology was also used for McDonald’s hockey card sets in 1997-98 and 1998-99.

Base Cards (42 cards)
Goalies (30 cards, 1:3 packs)
Legends (12 cards, 1:7 packs)
World Jrs. Tier 3 (16 cards, #’d of 1,249)
World Jrs. Tier 2 (3 cards, #’d of 749)
World Jrs. Tier 1 (2 cards, #’d of 249)
Ice Premieres Tier 5 RC’s (24 cards, #’d of 999)
Ice Premieres Tier 4 RC’s (36 cards, #’d of 799)
Ice Premieres Tier 3 RC’s (24 cards, #’d of 499)
Ice Premieres Tier 2 RC’s (6 cards, #’d of 299)
Ice Premieres Tier 1 RC’s (15 cards, #’d of 99)
(NEW) Ice Premieres Auto Variations
Ice Premieres Auto Patch Variations
Glacial Graphs, Signature Swatches, & Rinkside Signings all return!
UD Black Content (one card per box)!
Including Rookies, Auto’d Lustrous Rookies & Lustrous Signatures

Box Break: (on average)
Four (4) Goalie/Legend SP’s
One (1) World Juniors
Three (3) Ice Premieres
One (1) Auto’d Acetate Card
One (1) Memorabilia Card
One (1) UD Black Card

8-Box Inner-Case Break: (on average)
Four (4) Ice Premieres Auto Variations
One (1) or more Frozen Foursomes
One (1) Signature Swatches OR
One (1) Glacial Graphs Gold (w/inscriptions)
One (1) Rinkside Signings
One (1) UD Black Lustrous Material
One (1) Additional Low #’d Hits from the following:
Ice Premieres Auto Patch (#’d of 10)
Glacial Graphs Black (#’d of 10 or less)
Signature Swatches Gold (#’d of 10 or less)
Signature Swatches Black (#’d 1-of-1)
Frozen Foursomes Gold (#’d of 30 or less)
Frozen Foursomes Black (#’d of 5)
Frozen Fabrics/Fresh Threads Gold (#’d of 30 or less)
Frozen Fabrics/Fresh Threads Black (#’d of 5)
UD Black Lustrous Signatures Levels 2 & 3 (#’d of 49 & 25)

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