Panini America adds Totally Certified to hockey card list

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NHLTotally Certified is the next 1990s brand to make a comeback to the hockey card market. Already revived in football (NFL) and basketball (NBA), the 1997 brand will make its return to hockey in February 2014.

According to Panini America, the brand would have made its return in 2012-13 had it not been for the NHL lockout. The one and only previous edition of (Pinnacle) Totally Certified hockey cards was produced in 1997-98.

The new edition will feature just 20 cards in a hobby box (four packs of five cards each). There is the promise of either an autograph or memorabilia card in every pack, with at least one autograph in each box. There is also the promise of either a Rookie Card or RC parallel card in every pack.

Back in 1997-98, the original Pinnacle Totally Certified series didn’t include any autographs or game jersey cards and included only one rookie card (Steve Shields).

“The product’s true calling cards, however, will most likely be the Mirror parallels (Reds, Blues, Golds and Greens numbered from 25 to only one) and their various autograph and memorabilia versions,” wrote Tracy Hackler via Panini America’s The Knight’s Lance.

Indeed, the original Pinnacle Totally Certified edition was a ‘pumped up’ version of the Select/Pinnacle Certified brand that had debuted two years earlier. In 1997-98, both Pinnacle Certified and Pinnacle Totally Certified were issued separately, each with a myriad of colour parallel variations to the base series.

Of note, the 2013-14 Totally Certified series will include Epix inserts, another revived (insert) name from the 1990s. According to Hackler, “the product also ushers in the company’s first-ever use of etched mirror-foil technology and the hockey introduction of Rookie Slideshow and Rookie Slideshow Autographs inserts.”

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