McFarlane posts multiple images to Sports Picks NHL 33

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NHLMcFarlane Toys has posted multiple images for each of the four players featured in Sports Picks NHL 33 hockey figure series. The four figures – scheduled for released this August 2013 – are Erik Karlsson, Max Pacioretty, Cory Schneider and Steven Stamkos.

The images are posted in the McFarlane Toys landing page for NHL 33. Karlsson is featured in Ottawa Senators red, Pacioretty is featured in Montréal Canadiens red, Schneider is featured in Vancouver Canucks blue, and Stamkos is featured in Tampa Bay Lightning blue.

As previously announced, the Collector Level variations are Karlsson All-Star Game (bronze, 1000-2000 pieces), Karlsson striped (MVP, 50-100 pieces); Pacioretty white (gold, 250-500 pieces); Schneider alternate (silver, 500-1000 pieces); Stamkos All-Star Game (silver, 500-1000 pieces), and Stamkos alternate (bronze, 1000-2000 pieces).

McFarlane Sports Picks has produced hockey figures since 2000-01. Details on NHL Series 33 variations and potential other players will be posted at a later date.

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