Fleer Showcase to return as Upper Deck hockey brand

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NHLFleer Showcase will make its comeback as a hockey card brand in March 2014. Originally known as Flair Showcase in the 1990s, the last stand-alone “Showcase” hockey card brand was produced by the Upper Deck Company in October 2006.

The new series will be sold in five-card packs. On average, a 15-pack box will include a Hot Prospects autograph patch card and two additional autograph or memorabilia insert cards. The Hot Prospects cards are limited to 399 copies or less.

Like they were with last year’s Fleer Retro hockey card series, collectors will be reminded of some popular 1990s brands in 2013-14 Fleer Showcase. A typical Fleer Showcase box will include cards called SkyBox Premium, Fleer Ultra, and Metal Universe.

Flair Showcase was actually included in last year’s 2012-13 Fleer Retro hockey card series. Previously, Flair Showcase cards were included in packs of 2007-08 Fleer Ultra. Believe it or not, the Upper Deck Company’s October 2006 release of 2006-07 Flair Showcase was in fact the one-and-only stand alone release of Showcase hockey cards.

The Flair brand, however, was produced in 1994-95 and 1996-97 by Fleer Trading Cards, with the latter series including Flair Showcase short-printed rookies.

The “Flair Showcase” brand made its debut in 1997 for baseball and football cards. Three years later, the brand was renamed Fleer Showcase. After the last Fleer Showcase cards were produced in by Fleer Trading Cards 2005, the Upper Deck Company brought back Flair Showcase in 2006.

Product Highlights:
Get 1 Hot Prospects Autograph Patch card #’d to 399 or less in each box!
Top RC’s will be #’d to 199!
Get 2 Additional Auto or Memorabilia Hits per box!
Including plenty of parallels #’d to 36 or less!
Find Hot Prospects Duos & Trios!
Featuring awesome RC pairs and 3-player combinations!
Look for Fleer Ultra Rookies!
With Red Medallion (#’d to 99) and Platinum Medallion (#’d to 25) parallels!

Box Break: (on average)
One (1) Hot Prospects Autograph Patch Cards
Two (2) Additional Auto or Memorabilia Hits
Including Hot Prospects Regular Autos + parallels, Hot Prospects Auto Memorabilia parallels Regular Cards Red Glow Jersey & Patch parallels, Stitches + Patch and Tag parallels, Uniformity + Patch and Tag parallels
One (1) Hot Prospects Duos or Trios parallel, Skybox Premium Prospects parallel, Fleer Ultra Rookies parallel or Skybox Premium parallel, Fleer Ultra Premium parallel, or Jambalaya card
Three (3) Hot Prospects Duos or Trios, Skybox Premium Prospects, or Fleer Ultra Rookies card
Two (2) Metal Universe cards
Six (6) Skybox Premium or Fleer Ultra cards

Case Break: (on average)
1-2 Hot Prospects Signed Patches (#’d to 199)
One (1) Hot Prospects Glove, Fight Strap or Patch #’d to 36 or less
Three (3) Precious Metal Gems #’d to 100 or less
One (1) Skybox Premium Star Rubies or Sparkling Diamonds, #’d to 50 or less
One (1) Platinum Medallion #’d to 25
One (1) Jambalaya Hit

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