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NHLNow in its eighth season, Upper Deck Artifacts hockey cards is a familiar early-season release by the Upper Deck Company. As usual, the brand’s new edition has been released in early October; unfortunately, this year’s “October” doesn’t count as “early season” for the National Hockey League.

Fortunately, Upper Deck Artifacts does not fully rely on the start of the new season and its rookies, at least not the same way as other hockey sets released later in the year. Rather than wait for the new crop of rookies, Upper Deck Artifacts launches yearly with the inclusion of so-called promise cards, better known as Rookie Redemptions. Each redemption is a “reservation to redeem your card” for a rookie player of the new season. The cards can be redeemed “12 to 16 weeks from the date of the start of the 2012-13 NHL season”, whenever that may be.

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As in recent years, 2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts delivers an average of three memorabilia “hits” per box. A “hit” is hobby-talk for a special insert; the better the insert, the better the “hit.” True to word, we found three such memorabilia hits in our 10-pack box: two dual jersey cards and one dual patch card.

If you are opening a single pack of Upper Deck Artifacts, you may or may not come across one of these memorabilia hits. Fortunately, there are other types of hits seeded throughout the 2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts product. Along with the three memorabilia cards, the 10-pack box included one Autofacts signature card, two rare serial-numbered parallel cards, two serial-numbered Rookie Cards (rookies that debuted late in 2011-12), and one Rookie Redemption card (for a rookie that skates in 2012-13).

A typical pack will include three base cards (from the 100-card shell set), one special card, and one blank white “decoy”. In one box, we collected 30 cards from the 100-card shell set, with a mixture of box active and retired stars in the series.

BY THE BOX: 10 packs of 2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts

• 30 cards from the 100-card shell set
• two Rookies/999 and one Rookie Redemption
• one Emerald basic parallel/99 and one Blue basic parallel/85
• one Autofacts signature card
• three memorabilia cards (double jersey, double jersey/125, double patch/75).

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