Bleacher Masks produced of popular hockey stars

Posted on 8th December 2013 by hockeymedia in Collectibles,The Want List

NHLBleacher Creatures is selling a new series of player masks of popular athletes, including National Hockey League Players’ Association stars. The Bleacher Mask series is adjustable to different sizes.

According to the Bleacher Creatures website, each Bleacher Mask is “a high-definition, digital image printed on a flat sheet of perforated material, fully breathable, comfortable, allowing the full range of sight and speech, inexpensive and yet more realistic than any other mask on the market.”

The masks retail for $11.95 US each. The hockey masks are fully licensed by the NHLPA. Promotes Bleacher Creatures, “you might just be mistaken for the real thing!”

Hockey masks in the series include Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk, Claude Giroux, Alex Ovechkin, and Jonathan Toews.

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