Ducks have fun with online e-cards

Posted on 20th September 2012 by hockeymedia in The Want List | Tags:

NHLThe Anaheim Ducks recently had fun via their social media sites by encouraging fans to create unique “ecards.” Fans were encouraged to create their own cards via someecards.com; the cards were then featured via pinterest.com.

Fans can visit someecards and create their own account. They can then select “Create Your Own” to create a unique card using the someecards graphics and background colours. The fan also gets to write his own card text.

According to the “About” page at someecards, “Someecards may or may not be the greatest thing since ecards. It was created by Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell and a dollar and a half-assed dream. New cards, categories, and features will be frequently added until everyone involved with the site dies.” For more information, visit someecards.com.

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