Hockey Rookie Card v.18 published by hockeyMedia

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NHLUp North Productions has published the 18th edition of The Hockey Rookie Card Checklist, available now in print via the Blurb.ca bookstore. This marks the 18th edition of the long-standing hobby favourite, first published in 1992.

The latest edition includes every hockey rookie card produced through to the end of the 2014-15 hockey card season. In all, more than 30,000 hockey rookie cards are listed from 1910-11 through 2014-15.

The Hockey Rookie Card Checklist has always been an invaluable collector resource. Collectors can simply look up the name of any player to discover the year, brand and card number of that player’s rookie card(s). More than 6,000 players and personalities from over 100 years of hockey history are listed in the book.

The new 18th edition is available exclusively through our Blurb.ca bookstore. The print edition measures 6″ x 9″ and features 216 black and white pages printed on cream uncoated paper. The book costs just $9.99 before tax and shipping.

Preview Upper Deck AHL hockey cards

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NHLThe second edition of Upper Deck American Hockey League cards will be available in March 2015. The 2014-15 edition will feature players and teams from North America’s second-highest professional league.

While last year’s inaugural edition was sold as a complete set, this year’s edition will be sold in packs. There will be five cards in every box and 20 packs in every box.

On average, a 20-pack collector box will deliver five signature cards.

Product Highlights:
150-card Base set
Featuring 50 SP’s, falling 1 per Pack!
Get 5 Autograph cards per Box!
Look for top Future Star Sigs!
Find Manufactured Logo Patches!
Embroidered & Woven Patches!
Thirty Logos in All!
Grab Fun AHL Stickers!
Featuring Regular Team Logos, Alternate & Vintage Logos Too!

Box Break: (on average)
Five (5) Base Set Auto parallels
Twenty (20) Base Set SP’s
Featuring Bright Future Stars!
Three (3) AHL Team Stickers
At least 1 Alternate Sticker

Case Break: (on average)
Six (6) Manufactured Logo Patches

Preview 2014-15 Upper Deck Ice hockey cards

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NHLThe new edition of Upper Deck Ice hockey cards will be available in March. The new 2014-15 series will be sold as a stand-alone brand instead of a bonus brand-within-a-brand as it had been in recent years.

The 2014-15 series will be sold in three-card packs, with eight packs in every box. Last year, packs of Upper Deck Ice were included in 2013-14 Upper Deck Black Diamond.

Product highlights include a 210-card acetate base set which includes veterans, legends, World Junior stars, and Ice Premieres rookie cards.

This marks the 13th edition of the Upper Deck Ice hockey series. Previous editions were released in 1996-97, 1997-98, 2000-01, 2003-04, 2005-06, and every year since 2007-08. The Upper Deck Ice brand name and acetate technology was also used for McDonald’s hockey card sets in 1997-98 and 1998-99.

Base Cards (42 cards)
Goalies (30 cards, 1:3 packs)
Legends (12 cards, 1:7 packs)
World Jrs. Tier 3 (16 cards, #’d of 1,249)
World Jrs. Tier 2 (3 cards, #’d of 749)
World Jrs. Tier 1 (2 cards, #’d of 249)
Ice Premieres Tier 5 RC’s (24 cards, #’d of 999)
Ice Premieres Tier 4 RC’s (36 cards, #’d of 799)
Ice Premieres Tier 3 RC’s (24 cards, #’d of 499)
Ice Premieres Tier 2 RC’s (6 cards, #’d of 299)
Ice Premieres Tier 1 RC’s (15 cards, #’d of 99)
(NEW) Ice Premieres Auto Variations
Ice Premieres Auto Patch Variations
Glacial Graphs, Signature Swatches, & Rinkside Signings all return!
UD Black Content (one card per box)!
Including Rookies, Auto’d Lustrous Rookies & Lustrous Signatures

Box Break: (on average)
Four (4) Goalie/Legend SP’s
One (1) World Juniors
Three (3) Ice Premieres
One (1) Auto’d Acetate Card
One (1) Memorabilia Card
One (1) UD Black Card

8-Box Inner-Case Break: (on average)
Four (4) Ice Premieres Auto Variations
One (1) or more Frozen Foursomes
One (1) Signature Swatches OR
One (1) Glacial Graphs Gold (w/inscriptions)
One (1) Rinkside Signings
One (1) UD Black Lustrous Material
One (1) Additional Low #’d Hits from the following:
Ice Premieres Auto Patch (#’d of 10)
Glacial Graphs Black (#’d of 10 or less)
Signature Swatches Gold (#’d of 10 or less)
Signature Swatches Black (#’d 1-of-1)
Frozen Foursomes Gold (#’d of 30 or less)
Frozen Foursomes Black (#’d of 5)
Frozen Fabrics/Fresh Threads Gold (#’d of 30 or less)
Frozen Fabrics/Fresh Threads Black (#’d of 5)
UD Black Lustrous Signatures Levels 2 & 3 (#’d of 49 & 25)

Rookie redemption checklists announced for three sets

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NHLThe Upper Deck Company has announced rookie redemption checklists for three separate hockey card sets. The checklists were announced for Upper Deck MVP, Fleer Ultra and Upper Deck Artifacts – three sets that were released earlier this year.

Explained Chris Carlin via the Upper Deck Blog, “Upper Deck includes rookie exchange cards into early season 2014-15 trading card releases like MVP, Fleer Ultra and Artifacts hockey sets. We like to give prospects time to skate where they are allowed to have NHL® trading cards made before we finalize the checklists and begin production of the cards.”

The 30 exchange rookies in 2014-15 Fleer Ultra are numbered cards 201-230.

The 42 exchange rookies in 2014-15 Upper Deck Artifacts are numbered cards 151-192 (each rookie card is serial numbered to 699 copies). The 18 exchange autographed rookie cards are numbered I-XVIII (each rare rookie card is serial numbered to 99 copies).

The 36 exchange rookies in 2014-15 Upper Deck MVP are numbered cards 301-336.

“We are in the production process now and will provide updates as to when fans can expect to receive their cards soon, but usually they are completed in March/April and ship out in April/May each year,” wrote Carlin. “We will provide a more detailed time frame (via the Upper Deck Blog) once production nears completion.”

Fleer Ultra, Upper Deck Artifacts and Upper Deck MVP were all released before the start of the regular season in October 2014.

Please visit Upper Deck Blog to read the checklists.

Preview 2014-15 Upper Deck Masterpieces hockey cards

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NHLA new Upper Deck Co. hockey brand called Upper Deck Masterpieces will be released this NHL season. The 2014-15 series will be released in April.

The new series will be sold in five-card packs, with 15 cards in every box. On average, each box will deliver two-three rookie cards and one or two autographs.

Product Highlights:
100% On-Card Autos!
100% Game-Used Memorabilia!
240-card Base Set
Featuring 180 Original Paintings!
Now with Retired Legends, Active Stars & 15 Top Rookies!
Plus 60 Wire Photos !
Amazing Parallels . . .
Red Framed Cloth (#’d of 100 per)
Black Framed Leather (#’d of 50 per)
Autos (Various Seeding Ratios)
Red Framed Cloth Autos (#’d of 30 or less per)
Black Framed Leather Autos (#’d of 15 or less per)
Memorabilia (Various Seeding Ratios)
Red Framed Cloth Memorabilia (#’d of 85 or less)
Black Framed Leather Prime Memorabilia (#’d of 65 or less)
Masterpiece Portraits
20 Subjects, hand #’d of 10 copies per
Each card is hand painted!

Box Break: (on average)
Ten (10) Base SP’s
Two to Three (2-3) Black & White Portraits
Two to Three (2-3) Rookie Cards
Five (5) Wire Photos
One (1) or More Cloth or Leather Parallel
One (1) On-Card Auto Card
One (1) Game-Used Memorabilia Card
One (1) Additional Auto or Memorabilia Card

10-Box Inner Break: (on average)
One (1) Autographed Wire Photo
Two (2) Framed Cloth or Leather Autos
Four (4) Cloth Memorabilia
One to Two (1-2) Framed Leather Prime Memorabilia

Preview 2014-15 Upper Deck Trilogy hockey cards

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NHLThe new edition of 2014-15 Upper Deck Trilogy will be available in late January. The new series features three levels of Rookie Premiere rookie cards, serial numbered to either 799 copies, 399 copies (signed), or 49 copies (inscriptions).

This marks the eighth year for Upper Deck Trilogy hockey cards since it was first introduced in 2003-04. The 2014-15 series will be sold in five-card packs with nine packs in every box.

“New for this year, all of the rookie cards and base cards have Blue, Green and Black parallels numbered as low as three copies for veterans and one copy for the Inscribed Rookie Autos,” wrote Upper Deck via the company’s Facebook page.

“Ice Scripts PLEXI cards are back with a checklist including legends like Wayne Gretzky and Steve Yzerman alongside veteran stars like Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin and Jaromir Jagr and rookie phenoms like Teuvo Teravainen.”

Product Highlights:
The Power of THREE!
Three Rookie Card Subsets!
With 3 Awesome Parallels!
Numbered to 799, 399 (Autos) & 49 (Inscription Autos)!
Three Tiers of Crystal Premieres!
Twenty Top RC’s, Highlighted in Amazingly Collectible Fashion!
Collect Veteran Crystal too!
(NEW) Tryptich Relics!
Three Memorabilia or Auto Combinations lead to Amazing Hits – Single Players + Combos!
Signature Pucks Return!
Showcasing Autographs on top of Team Logos, Retro Logos and the NHL Shield!
Grab Popular Ice Scripts Too!
Trilogy’s Signature Big Hit!

Box Break: (on average)
Four (4) Numbered Chase Cards
Most Boxes will Feature 3 #’d RC’s
Including 1-of-1 Press-plates & Black //’s #’d to 3!
One (1) UD Crystal Plexi-Glass card
One (1) Numbered Rookie Auto
One (1) #’d Tryptich Relic
One (1) Additional Rookie or Tryptich Relic
One (1) Super-Premium Autograph
Including Ice Scripts, Signature Pucks & Tryptich Signatures

Inner Shipper Break: (on average)
Twelve (12) Autograph cards
Twelve (12) Tryptich Relics
Eight (8) Crystal Plexi-Glass Hits
Eight (8) Premium Autos
Highlighted by Ice Scripts, Signature Pucks & Tryptich Signatures

Preview 2014-15 O-Pee-Chee Platinum hockey cards

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NHLThe Upper Deck Company will launch a new hockey card brand called O-Pee-Chee Platinum – an upgrade / premium edition of the yearly collector favourite O-Pee-Chee brand.

The base series will feature a similar design as the regular O-Pee-Chee brand (as well as the Retro parallel design). There are veterans, rookies, parallels and autographed cards. The cards are printed on Chromium stock, with only 200 cards in the base set.

Die-cut inserts – unique to the O-Pee-Chee Platinum brand – are Platinum Superstars, Platinum Legend, and Stanley Cup Champs.

Cards will be sold in four-card packs with 20 packs in every box. On average, a box will deliver one rookie autograph and one Die-Cut insert

Free stuff in February on National Hockey Card Days

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NHLThe Upper Deck Company’s 2015 National Hockey Card Days are Feb. 14 and Feb. 21, with again one date for Canadian collectors and one date for American collectors. The annual hockey card promotion will again run through collector stores across both countries.

The promotion is pretty simple and pretty fantastic. By simply opening the door and stepping inside a local collector store, hockey fans received free packs of hockey cards. That’s right: free, fantastic hockey cards.

The Canadian date is Feb. 14 while the American date is Feb. 21, 2015. To complete the 16-card base set, collectors will find cards 1-15 in the packs (you will need to trade with fellow collectors) and card 16 from behind the counter (details TBA, but usually this card is available after making a small in-store purchase).

As a bonus to this season’s promotion, there are randomly inserted Young Guns Tribute cards celebrating the Upper Deck Company’s 25th anniversary.

‘What If’ Tribute: Upper Deck creates new/old rookie cards

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NHLAt the recent Fall 2014 Sportcard & Memorabilia Expo, the Upper Deck Company unveiled some 25th Anniversary Young Guns hockey cards that paid tribute to legends of the game. The series featured current and former players using the 1990-91 Upper Deck hockey design.

These “old” Young Guns cards, however, were produced with an interesting twist. They were “What If” rookie cards, in essence “new” Young Guns hockey cards for players who were never featured in the popular subset.

Wrote Chris Carlin via the Upper Deck Blog, “the cool thing about the cards is that it showed the athletes in their rookie seasons and with ten different versions to collect, it was exciting for collectors to try to put together the set or capture their favorite player’s card. These cards will also be available through Upper Deck Authorized Internet Retailers and Authorized Group Breakers in the future.”

There were 10 different cards released at the Fall 2014 Expo, be it of players from before Upper Deck’s first set (ie 1980s rookies Guy Carbonneau, Doug Gilmour and Trevor Linden), players from the 1990s (Martin Brodeur, Curtis Joseph, Dominik Hasek, Daniel Alfredsson and Martin St-Louis), or from the 2000s (Jonathan Quick and Kris Versteeg).

Ten more cards will be released in February on National Hockey Card Days while another five more cards will be released in May at the Spring 2015 Expo (making it a 25-card set).

At National Hockey Card Day in Canada, the five new players represent the 1950s (Doug Harvey) and 1980s (Ron Francis, Vincent Damphousse, Pierre Turgeon and Theoren Fleury). At National Hockey Card Day in USA, the five new players represent the 1980s (Brian Leetch), the 1990s (Peter Forsberg and Chris Osgood), and the 2000s (Corey Crawford and Johnny Boychuk).

At the Spring 2015 Sportcard & Memorabilia Expo, the five new players represent the 1970s (Brad Park), the 1980s (Mike Gartner and Adam Oates), and the 2000s (Brad Richards and Joel Ward).

Brodeur’s first Blues cards available in February

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NHLMartin Brodeur’s first St. Louis Blues hockey cards will be available in February 2015. The cards will be featured in 2014-15 SPx produced by the Upper Deck Company.

“When Upper Deck heard Martin Brodeur had signed with the St. Louis Blues, we knew it was a moment we had to capture,” wrote the Upper Deck Company in early December. “More importantly, we knew we had to get his first cards as a member of the St. Louis Blues out into packs as soon as possible. The Upper Deck photography and prepress teams jumped through a variety of hoops to make his cards Blues available quickly.”

This year marks the 19th edition of SPx hockey cards. As part of this year’s series, it will include a tribute to the 1997-98 holographic design.

“There will actually be two versions of Brodeur cards with St. Louis available in a base design and a throwback holographic design. Below are the final approved images Brodeur fans should be adding to their “want lists” now.”