Coors Light launches new Canadiens jersey bottles

Posted on 19th October 2014 by hockeymedia in Collectibles,The Want List | Tags: , ,

NHLCoors Lights has launched a new beer bottle featuring the Montréal Canadiens logo. The bottles, sold in Québec, are designed in the colours of the bleu, blanc et rouge.

Each silver bottle features the look of a Montréal Canadiens hockey jersey, with the crest positioned front and centre. The widemouth bottles come with 473mL of (preferably cold) Coors Light beer.

The special Coors Light bottles are sold four to a pack. Like the bottles, the cardboard case also features the Canadiens logo. The bottles and case promote the fact that Coors Light is a proud partner of the Montréal Canadiens.

The specially-designed bottles went on sale with the launch of the 2014-15 National Hockey League season.