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The Want List Issue: TWL013 – Playoffs 2012
Cover Subject: Wayne Gretzky
Cover Photo: Tribute 1979-80 O-Pee-Chee
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Vibrant hobby always attracting new collectors
“We are incredibly excited about the current state of this great hobby and even more so about the future ahead.”
MeiGray Retro: New Jersey Devils and Los Angeles Kings
Devils have worn a 1980s-style red-and-green jersey for a Retro Night for each of the last three seasons; Kings have worn a retro jersey for Legends Night in each of the past two seasons.
Summit Show returns to Edmonton
The third edition of the Summit Sports Collectibles Show runs this June 2-3, 2012 in Sherwood Park, AB

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The Want List (pick an issue)

• Players to collect
Art Ross Trophy race; Rookie points-per-game leaders; Shutout leaders
• Players to collect: gen-90s
We pick nine super kids that weren’t even born when the Berlin wall stood in its entirety.
• Old Threads: Retro 1980s Hockey Jerseys
Gone but not forgotten, we look back at seven “memorable” NHL uniforms from the 1980s.
• The Great Gretzky
When you combine Gretzky’s popularity with the timing of his career, you get the most marketable player in the history of hockey.
• Dynasty: Stanley Cup Champions
In 45 years after the second World War, eight dynasties are recognized by the National Hockey League.
• B.M. (Before Morenz)
Nine Habs that made an impact in the club’s first 15 years.

• 1980s: The O-Pee-Chee Story
“This was still all the pre-collector days. We were still selling to the kids.”
• 1980s: Price Guide
Graded price guide from 1980-81 to 1989-90, from the 2012 Vintage Collector’s Almanac & Price Guide.

• THE HERSH REALITY: Bargain? Or Overpiced? | by Hersh Borenstein
There are some hockey players whose autograph prices are so inexpensive that collectors eat them up. There are other hockey players whose autograph fees are so high that sales are few and far between.
• A PIECE OF HOCKEY HISTORY: Ken Morrow’s Miracle on Ice Jersey | by Barry Meisel
“I was hoping and praying it would be bought by a museum so other people could enjoy it.”

• The Gretzky Price Guide & O-Pee-Chee image gallery
We have listed more than 700 vintage Wayne Gretzky collector items, most notably those issued during his days with the Edmonton Oilers. (6 pages)