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The Want List Issue: TWL011 – January 2012
Cover Subject: George Armstrong
Cover Photo: Toronto Maple Leafs press photos
Cover Price: $5.95 CAN
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Free National Hockey Card Day cards are distributed through Upper Deck Company’s network of Certified Diamond Dealers.
MeiGray named Los Angeles Kings Jersey Source
“We’re delighted to be working with the Kings again. They’re one of the NHL’s brightest young teams, with some of the league’s brightest young stars.”
Festivities highlight All-Star weekend
“It is a great weekend for our hockey fans. We’ve been saying all along it’s like an international film festival. All the stars are here, whether it’s players, it’s coaches, it’s managers, it’s media personalities… everybody that’s somebody special in our sport will be here for that weekend.”

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• PSA Hall of Fame: Small yet wonderful
Canadian hockey sets, collectors honoured by Professional Sports Authenticator.
• Collecting Community
The Scott and Tracy show… plus five other collector stories we want to share.
• Super Rookie: the Nuge is Huge
“He understands that it is a business and that we are in business with him. I will tell you this, when he is signing for an extended period of time, he will often break to sign his name on a (separate) pad of paper to ensure he is on track with his signature.”
• Winnipeg Jets take off
“There is a general heightened sense of sport in our City. Clearly, this is the best thing that could have happened to Winnipeg.”
• Collector Spotlight: Glenn Resch
“It was a good lesson. That is the one that got away. I guess everyone has the heart-warming stories and the stories that stung.”

• 1960s: Leaf Dynasty
By the time Toronto won the Stanley Cup in 1962, the Maple Leafs had gone a franchise-worst 11 years without sipping the year-end champagne awarded to the best hockey team in the world.
• 1960s: Printed in USA (1960-61 Topps)
Fifty-one years later, the 1960-61 Topps series is remembered as one of the best hockey sets from the 1960s.
• 1960s: Price Guide
Graded price guide from 1960-61 to 1969-70, from the 2012 Vintage Collector’s Almanac & Price Guide.

• THE HERSH REALITY: Autographs | by Hersh Borenstein
10 things you did not know about the autograph industry
• A PIECE OF HOCKEY HISTORY: The Classic Winter Look | by Barry Meisel
A romantic idea spawned in the autumn of 2003 in frigid Edmonton has blossomed into a major annual event that has captured the hockey world. Outdoor games celebrating the sport’s roots now spring up all over the globe.