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This is your chance to promote your store and to help us build a better collecting community. Contact us at 646.845.9396 or info@theWantList.ca for more information.

Canadian prices listed below. Please click here for U.S. pricing. All high-resolution artwork and instructions can be emailed to info@theWantList.ca. Please be sure to include your phone number so that we can connect by phone.

#1. The Single magazine package

#3. Standard package

#4. Premium package (4 x The Want List)

#2. The Quad magazine package

#3. Standard-plus package (4 x The Want List + 2012 Almanac)

#4. Premium-plus package (4 x The Want List + 2012 Almanac)

Or pay with monthly installments (Standard-plus & Premium-plus packages only)

(MONTHLY) #3. Standard-plus package

(MONTHLY) #4. Premium-plus package