Which one is better: Parkie’s Rocket or Mr. Hockey?

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NHLWhich one is better: Maurice Richard or Gordie Howe… the Rocket or Mr. Hockey?

Not which player was better, but which rookie card from the 1951-52 Parkies set is better?

We will be asking that question this week for a cover story to The Want List’s November magazine issue (TWL#10). Our survey started with Jason Letourneau of J.J. Collectibles. He was on hand with a bunch of his 1951-52 Parkies cards at the Capital Trade Show Big One on Oct. 16 in Ottawa.

“If you come from the Detroit area or collect the Red Wings, then definitely Gordie Howe,” said Letourneau. “Here in Canada, especially this part of the country (Eastern Canada), then Maurice Richard rules.”

Letourneau said there is still plenty of interest in the 1951-52 Parkies set, which turns 60 years old this 2011-12 season.

“This it is the first modern day set, so it is one of the most collectible sets,” said Letourneau. “They look like little paintings. There are also so many rookie cards in the set.”

Collectors who would like to have their say as to which rookie card is better should email The Want List at info@thewantlist.ca.

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