St. John’s best: a visit to Maverick Sports & Collectables

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NHLThis past week, I had the pleasure of visiting Maverick Sports & Collectables in St. John’s, NL. For those of you who have yet to visit Newfoundland Labrador on Canada’s Atlantic coast, you’ve got to add it to your list. It is one of the friendliest places in the world. Be sure to take in the coastal sight lines (icebergs anyone?), listen to the local music and enjoy the magnificent culture: St. John’s will rank amongst your favourite places to visit.

I only had the chance to visit St. John’s on this trip, so I was but offered a glimpse of the beautiful province. Still, I enjoyed a couple of walks (and runs) in the downtown core, as well as a climb up Signal Hill, visits to a couple of antique and used bookshops, and even participation in the annual “Tely 10″ mile run.

Midweek, though, it was a trip to Maverick Sports & Collectables and a chance to visit store owner Andrew Corbett on his turf. The store is located by the water on (yes) Water Street, not too far away from several hotels (including mine), downtown shopping, and even Mile One Stadium (home of a yet-to-be named American Hockey League team debuting this season).

Corbett has been supporter of The Want List hockey magazine since day one, so I was happy to drop off some sample magazines that will be given away to his clients in an upcoming promotion (we’ll announce that when a date is selected). We chatted about the 2011-12 TWL schedule (the 2012 Almanac will be out in September; then four new issues of The Want List are published in November, January, March and May) as well as some of the new features on theWantList.ca (like the “New Hockey” brand and checklist pages for all new releases).

We also chatted about what has been a better-than-usual summer for Maverick Sports & Collectables. In his region, a Boston Bruins Stanley Cup championship was much better received than had it been the Vancouver Canucks (in part, it is an Atlantic vs Pacific thing). He had plenty of championship mementos, including cards, photos, shirts, banners, mugs and medallions. He also had a wonderful congratulations note on the front window for Newfoundlander Michael Ryder, the St. John’s native who won his first Stanley Cup with the Bruins this June.

Ryder has since signed with the Dallas Stars for the 2011-12 season, but he will be returning home for a day with the Stanley Cup in August.

There was also plenty of interest in the upcoming hockey season. Not only is a new NHL Canadian team on the horizon (the Winnipeg Jets unveiled its new logo the day after my visit), but there is also a new St. John’s, NL team coming to the AHL. The city has gone three seasons without any “local” hockey, with the junior St. John’s Fog Devils gone since 2008-09 (and the AHL Maple Leafs gone since 2004-05).

The new St. John’s franchise has yet to announce a team name or logo, but that is expected to come shortly now that Winnipeg has unveiled its primary and secondary logos. The St. John’s franchise will serve as the AHL affiliate for the Jets. Once the team name and logo is launched by the AHL franchise, you can bet that Maverick Sports & Collectables will be the first to be selling the team’s merchandise and memorabilia.

All in all, it was a pleasant visit to the island and a great trip to Maverick Sports & Collectables. I am already looking forward to my next visit, maybe during the winter with a chance to the see the new hockey team and Mile One Centre.

Okay, so we would be amiss if we didn’t pass along a “want list” note from one of Corbett’s regular collectors who greeted us in the store that day (he took notice of the Panini America shirt that I was wearing for the day!). If anyone out there has a Teddy Purcell letter “C” Rookie Lettermen card from the Upper Deck Black hockey card series, please let Andrew Corbett know. (Purcell, of course, hails from St. John’s, too). You will find the store’s phone number and email address on theWantList.ca’s store page for Maverick Sports & Collectables.

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