Blog: Taylor Hall is the right choice for number one

Posted on 20th May 2010 by hockeymedia in Rookies,The Blog | Tags:

The Edmonton Oilers may think they will weigh their options and consider both Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin before the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, but in truth there is but one option to make. It will be Taylor Hall selected first overall by the Oilers.

Hall and Seguin are equal players, with Seguin in fact rated the best in North America both National Hockey League Central Scouting Service. That was early in the playoffs, though, before Hall took off and got his team back into the Memorial Cup final. We’ll know this weekend whether Hall can lead his team to a second-straight major-junior championship with the Windsor Spitfires.

Fifteen years from now, we may look back and consider that Hall and Seguin are equal players, or that Seguin is better than Hall or Hall is better than Seguin. Who knows, the scouting reports suggest they will both be all-star players. So why, then, is Hall a lock for first overall?


Hall has carried a load of expectations since last year. He is the fan favourite for the first overall pick, something the Oilers brass must consider equally to Hall’s talents. If Hall and Seguin are equal, then why not go with Hall and make the Edmonton fans.

Hall’s first overall selection will also be good for the hobby. Hall will go to the Oilers while Seguin will go to the Boston Bruins, unless there is a trade just before the draft. Both should be in the National Hockey League next season and both should make an early impact, although Seguin may get less ice time with a strong Boston team than Hall will get with a weak Edmonton team.

The Hall-Seguin duo will be a favourite combination for rookie card collectors. They will also good company, starting with high 2009 draft picks Brayden Schenn (who could be in the Memorial Cup final with Brandon) and Nazem Kadri. Other rookie stars that could make their debut in October are Jordan Eberle and Cody Hodgson.

So stop the debate and enjoy the playoffs, Hall will be selected first and Seguin will be selected second. As for who will be selected third, well, we’ll have to weigh our options and get back to you.