Tough grades: 1952-53 Parkies #84 Bob Armstrong

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1952-53 PARKIES #84

NHLThe 1952-53 Parkies hockey set (also known as 1952-53 Parkhurst) featured 105 cards. Cards were sold in packs with Parkies hockey bubble gum. Cards were printed by Parkhurst Products Limited of Toronto, Canada. Collectors could store their collection in the Parkies Photo Folio for NHL Hockey Players.

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As of Sep. 1, 2012, only 35 copies of the 1952-53 Parkies #84 card (Bob Armstrong) had been submitted to Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). Of the 35 cards submitted, only three copies were graded “8″ or better (just 8.57%). In 2011-12, seven new copies had been submitted, none of which were graded “8″ or better.

Overall, the 1952-53 Parkies hockey set average was 47.7 copies submitted per card, but with an average of 8.27 copies graded “8″ or better (approximately 17.3%).

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